Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ever heard of William Wilberforce?

"How many people at Grace have ever heard the name, 'William Wilberforce?"

Pastor Steve asked that question as we were chatting a few minutes ago.

You've heard about John Newton. Now it's time to learn something about William Wilberforce and about the relationship between the two men.

John Newton will be featured as a character in an upcoming movie, set to be released February 23rd, entitled, "Amazing Grace" about the story of William Wilberforce and his fight against the English slave trade. John Newton was a primary influence on Wilberforce, believing that Wilberforce was called and sent by God for the purpose of bringing down the slave trade in England. I hope the movie shows the transforming power of of a Gospel-centered worldview.

Amazing Grace: The Official Movie Website

Here's the trailer. . .

Newton's voice to speak to the issue of slavery came from personal experience as both a slave trader and as a slave. His story is nothing short of extradinary. Maybe Amazing Grace The Movie will bring this out, but until then, read about his story here .

HT: Gordon Wong


Brian Wong said...

Yeah, I've heard of him. But that's only because I've been a long time listener of Chuck Colson's Breakpoint. Wilberforce has often come up there.

Matt said...

I learned quite a bit about William Wilberforce in my time at Focus on the Family Institute last fall and his life continues to inspire me. This morning I read an interesting article about his life to abolish slavery and how many times it failed to pass in the parliament. He persevered and the day before he died it passed. Here's the URL for the article on the Boundless Webzine, http://www.boundless.org/2005/articles/a0001438.cfm

In the article it mentions that Wilberforce became a Christian at age 25 and questioned whether he could continue to be in politics as a Christian. His passion for Christ and politics enabled him to end the slave trade in England. To add to it he helped create laws against child labor, opened the door for missions to India, and pushed for a discouragement of vice in England.
He's a hero for living out his faith and using the gifts and talents God gave him in his everyday life.

Steve Potratz said...

I saw the movie this past Thursday. It is fantastic. Very moving. I highly encourage you to see it. It comes to SLO in late Feb.