Friday, January 05, 2007

Theule Family Photos of the Week

Last week Susie and the kids were down in Escondido. I went down for a few days and then took the train up on Saturday. On Thursday we went to Legoland. Susie bought the tickets for cheap off of Ebay. It was super crowded. We ran into the Van Doren Family. What are the chances?

Here are the boys. . . Our knight, Zeke . . .

Our racecar driver, Haaken . . .

January 2nd was Sage's birthday. She turned 10 and calls herself a "preteen." I asked, "What's a preteen?" She said, "Double digits, but without the "teen." I'm in trouble.

For her birthday, as a sort of right of passage, Susie took her to get her ears pierced. . .

Oh my, is that a Frappacino in her hand?

Afterwards, we met the other Theules at CPK. The picture doesn't quite catch the sight of the 7 kids lined up on one side of the table. How people stare!

Word is there is a new saying around church . . . "There are Theule kids everywhere." We feel very blessed!

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Andy Gibson said...

I'll take the credit for coining that saying. Because, seriously, they are everywhere. It's awesome. Think of how nutty it would be to have them all at the church campout? I'll work on Chad for that one.

I'll be adding to the fray in six and a half months....uh oh.