Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Serving Children of Kenya

Anybody see this story on the front page of the local section of the Tribune yesterday? Very cool. Very inspiring. This gal has attended Calvary SLO for a long time. James Rey is a pastor there and a great guy.

Check out the slideshow of her work among the children in Kenya. Took me back to my summer in Kenya in 1987 with Campus Crusade. I spent a couple of weeks in Nairobi.

So neat that the Tribune prints and posts stuff like this.


Lisa Lewis said...

It is always encouraging to hear of people who are really living for Christ regardless of their safety or the popularity of what they do. The needs of children worldwide are so huge and our US media does not typically cover what good could be done or is being done. We ought to write a thank you to the Tribune for their good write up. Thanks for bringing this to your blog.

Lindsey said...

Tim I remember reading this article awhile back and thinking how amazing it would be to meet them. I just found out I will be working alongside them on my upcoming trip to Kenya! Amazing how the Lord works!!

-Lindey Iunker