Wednesday, January 24, 2007

in the womb

In last Sunday's message focussed on the Sanctity of Life, I mentioned the use of ultrasound machines in helping convince undecided mothers to keep their babies.

Matt Esswein, one of our bright, passionate college students sent me this referral to Colson's Breakpoint Ministry which did a spot yesterday on the Sanctity of Life which touches on in the womb viewing technology and refers to a new National Geographic resource entitled "In the Womb."

It's just a couple of minutes long and worth a listen/read. (Thanks, Matt!)

Here's the audio version. Publish

Here's the text version. (In case you're at work and can't listen!)

Here's a teaser paragraph.. . .

Today, thirty-four years after Roe v. Wade, we can see into the womb with detail that was unimaginable in 1973. Now, 3-D and 4-D scans—scans that literally piece together images to show a baby in motion in the womb—have brought the miracle of life into new focus. In the Womb author, Peter Tallack, calls this new technology the medical equivalent of the Hubble Space Telescope. And the images it zooms in on during the odyssey of pregnancy may change the minds of women contemplating abortion and ordinary men and women who have not reflected deeply on abortion’s horrors.


Suzette Lyons said...

What a great video. I just love seeing things like that.

If anyone finds something cool that they would like to see on next years table for Sanctity of Life please e-mail me. I never know for sure what people might be interested in.

GoWoCo said...

It has been on National Geographic channel a few times now.

My fiance and I have watched this program including MULTIPLES - in the wombs about triplets and quinteplets. A first rate program about the miracle of life. There's another WOMB series with animals with dolphins, elephants, and puppies. It's a must-see television!

Some of the most amazing images I've seen!

Some sqeamish parts with c-sections, and parental suggestion is advised!