Monday, January 09, 2006

2006 Week of Prayer, Day #1

Sunday we introduced our 2006 Week of Prayer here at Grace. To prepare ourselves we look at the Word of the Lord in Acts 4:23-33 where we discovered the Fuel, the Focus and the Fruit of the Early Church's Prayer. We ended our time by coming together to the Lord's Table. It was a sweet time of worship!

Message is now posted here.

As a part of our outline, we included a Prayer Guide for the week. We begin personally with ourselves on Monday and move toward praying for the world on Saturday.

So how's it going? Did you make a covenant and are you keeping it? It was neat to see folks gathering to pray at the church during the lunchtime hour.

We're having some precious times of prayer and discussion in our home.

If you don't attend Grace you can still join us in prayer this week. Download the guide for yourself and consecrate the rest of the week together with us. And let us know that you're "lifting up your voice in one accord" with us.


Brian Wong said...

It's been great! Reading those passages as part of my devotionals has been awesome. They certainly help keep things in perspective. My roommates and I will be praying together on Thursday evening.

Dave McShea said...

Our family has really enjoyed the week of prayer. I think we will use the pattern for the rest of this year.

Thanks Tim.