Monday, January 23, 2006

What would Dr. King Say?

I was handed this interesting article yesterday from someone brand new at Grace. It's worth a read. It reminded me of a chapter in this funny little book I'm reading called Freakonimics. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

WorldNetDaily: What would Dr. King say?


Suzette Lyons said...

Last year at the Pro-Life vigil in down town SLO the pastor from House of Prayer gave a speach on that very topic.

The "notion" has gotten out with pastors. I hope it gets through to the politicians.

Lisa Lewis said...

Read the article, haven't read your mentioned book, but my guess is that what appears to be happening on the surface of an issue is not all that is truly going on. Abortion is not and has never simply been about reproductive rights; it is about much, much more. Political activism is not for the benefit of the constituency, but for the business or interest that is represented. This idea reminds me of the title of a thriller film, "What Lies Beneath?" It is prudent for each of us to think beyond the apparent in the big issues...