Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Meet My Brother Chad

Always real and always good for a laugh . . .trying to figure life out. . . just like the rest of us. . . . meet my little brother, Chad.

Chad's a hot shot executive in some recently "gone public" Bay Area company. Chad's a husband and dad of three. Chad's a Poly grad who's trying to get back to SLO. . . someday! Hope it happens. We talk almost daily.

His last post reveals some deep honest struggle in his walk with Jesus. Check it out at The Theule Family Blog


jeff martin said...

Definitely some physical and style similarities in my opinion. And what's up with the family blog - you guys are talented in the whole electronic media thing...

I like the family blog thing and you both are motivating me.

Hey - when he comes to town make sure he brings the usual toys - surfboard, wetsuit, and mtb. We make him feel right at home.

In closing, his recent blog has a lot of guts to it! My first reaction is to say I'm sorry I opened it for I did not need the reality check. That depends on which reality we are thinking of... I appreciate the sincere sharing of real spiritual struggles.

Chad style, sense of of humor, and thought is the kind of guy we all want around. Get em up here PT!!!Woops, I mean down here.

Lisa Lewis said...

Thanks for pointing me to Chad's blog. I know exactly where he is coming from; our time in Sri Lanka really undid me and I have never been quite the same (which I think is really good!) I left him a post--hope it encourages him. I can tell you two influence each other--"living with the tension" is a phrase you use that I love! Keep on challenging us to love and good deeds!

Andy Gibson said...

It takes remarkable integrity to turn the mirror on yourself like that and use the Gospel (or the Gospels work, in this regard) to scrutinize your own life. Similar to somebody elses ability to stand up in front of 1k people and preach on issues others would gasp at. Weird?

I could go on and on about Chads latest post....why my generation is called the "Entitlement Generation" and how it's unfortunate continuance is shown in the comment that he sees it in his kids...more, more, more. Wow. Makes me wonder what will happen in 10 years with the prioritization of consumerism, arrogance....which it could be argued goes hand in hand with the collapse of public schools. All the while, we turn the other cheek towards the rest of the world while we are waiting in the drive thru for our next Happy Meal(TM).

Told you I could go on and on. That one sentence got me thinking about all the things I am scared about...but at the same time reminded of the things I need to continue to lift up via prayer.

Romans 12:1-2...I love that passage. It graced my wall in Mustang Village for three years when I was going to Poly. Read it every time I sat down at my computer to punch out 50 more Aero Eng. problems. Got me through college and led me to strive for excellence...I kid you not.

Thanks for sharing, Tim.

Jeff, my mtb is looking ready for this Spring.