Monday, January 16, 2006

2006 Week of Prayer in Review

So I had a few people exhort me to post more in yesterday's services. One guy asked why I hadn't posted about the other Week of Prayer days, #2, #3 etc. . . . I had every intention of posting daily about the week of prayer, but I've just been slammed. Lots of good stuff, but just not enough time to do it all.

So how did the rest of the week go for you and your family? Were you able to make one of the prayer gatherings? Did you keep your covenant before the Lord? I'd love to hear more.

Our family really enjoyed it. My little girls were so faithful in pulling out that sheet everynight and praying that day's requests. We did "pop corn" requests together. Precious times. Like the McShea's, I think we'll use the pattern more throughout the year.

Let's not stop praying just because the week is over!

I meant to mention the 2006 Week of Prayer in yesterday's services to sort of "close the loop" but I had a few other things on my mind. . . . sanctity of life, parking, powerpoint slides, welcome lunch, etc, etc, etc.

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