Monday, January 30, 2006

Let It Snow!

Guess, where I am? Mammoth! Snuck away for a "crash" trip with 6 other guys, 5 from Grace. . . .Mike Van Doren, Mike Allshouse, Sean Cheney, Ted Malley and Joe Pollen. Joe organized the trip. It only took me three months to commit and organize my life to get here. My mom came down to help with the kids. It's been 10 years since I've ridden a lift. But snowboarding is like riding a bike, except I'm 10 years older! Lots of Advil! We had a great day today. It's snowing now. Tomorrow should be awesome. Then we'll power home at the end of the day and be home by midnight. I'll try to post a group pic tomorrow or Wednesday.

Oh yeah, we're sponging from the wireless in the next cabin. Joe's friend from San Francisco brought his laptop. Not quite unplugged.

Lord, no injuries tomorrow, please!

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Brian Wong said...

Oh, man!!! I am so jealous. I've gotta get back on the slopes sometime this season. Hope you have fun. I'll be praying for your safety. Please do post pictures.