Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Web-Based Apps for 2006

I'm always trying to work smarter, not longer and I'm always looking for tools that will help. Susie and I work on 3 different computers and staying "synced" is a real challenge. We've recently discovered two new web-based applications that are helping.

The first is called Ta-DaLists (www.tadalist.com)It's an application that allows you to access your life lists from anywhere. I think Susie and I have 20 or so lists going. She can access them and I can access them . . . from anywhere. We're into it.

The second is called BackPackIt (www.backpackit.com) This is like TaDaLists, but more "project" oriented allowing you to keep notes and other stuff together. I'm using Backpackit for online sermon prep and other projects for which I am collecting and managing information.

Both applications are free. Check them out. Anybody else have any other organization tools to recommend for the new year?


Josh Ernstrom said...

Thanks for showing those to us. I love looking into new computer things. Especially if it will get me more organized.

Being a Mac User, you have to look into .Mac. It's not free, but you can sync up multiple computers (contacts, todo's, calander events, and even Safari Bookmarks)

It's not just on your computer either, you can access all your contacts, bookmarks and calendar events on any computer connected to the web. Not too mention the email address "@mac.com" and the backup program that comes with it...and the 1GB of online storage space...oh and the 3 button clicks to have your own website from pictures in your iPhoto library...or...okay, now I sound like I'm selling it, but it's definitely worth looking into it.

Suzette Lyons said...

Sound very interesting. Being low-tech I'm not sure I will ever need anything like that.

Hope you all had a great new year.

Josh Mock said...

I could recommend a thousand useful tools, but I'll just stick to a few. :)

del.icio.us is a great site to bookmark sites and categorize them. You can also use it as a search engine to find things that other people find popular.

43 Things is a goals site where you keep a list of things you want to do with your life. You can cheer on other people for their goals and ask questions about your goals that those who have completed the same goal can answer. Great for New Years' resolutions! :)

Flickr - my favorite picture uploading site.

NetVibes is an RSS aggregator. It's a single page that scans all the blogs you read and organizes them all into one place for you toread. You can also use it to check weather, write notes to yourself, and a number of other things. The tricky part is learning how to find the RSS feed for a particular blog, but once you learn, NetVibes is amazingly useful.

Lastly, I Want To is a site that is pretty much just a huge list of utilities useful for different things. That's probably the best place you can go to find a tool for almost anything you need to do.


Lisa and Colin Lewis said...

I would like to recommend myway.com - it is a home page that you can customize quite a bit - a little like my yahoo, but without any advertising. Easy to set up for newby's. I have local weather, TV and movie listings all set up for me, a short list of bookmarks, and several categories of news items.