Monday, January 09, 2006

Read Share

Thanks for sharing what books you enjoyed in 2005! I'm impressed! So many are reading and some interesting stuff, too. Who knew that would be such a hot topic. . . .it even flushed out an elder. I'm encouraged! Turn off the tube and make a commitment to read in 2006.

Unfortunately, 2005 was a relatively light reading year for me. I'm betting 2006 will be the same. Season of life thing. But like I said on Sunday, I'm really fortunate that a significant amount of reading is built into the pastor gig. And thankfully, we're at the stage where we're reading some great stuff as a family.


Brian Wong said...

Are you gonna share your favorites with us?

Dave McShea said...

I know tou had to have one or two favorites even if it was a light year for you.

Let's hear them....