Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Check out the new Grace Flickr Photo Site!

If you're paying attention, I'm sure you've figured out that I've been fooling around with flickr.

Well, we've just created a grace flickr account at

We're constantly taking all these pictures, but have had no quick and easy way to share them with the congregation. You see a few of them in the life@grace each week, but there are usually many more that never are shared. The flickr system, we believe, solves this problem.

So check out these great new photo albums. . .

2007 Child Dedications: Father's Day, Mother's Day and back in January

2007 DWAP with the Graingers: Dessert with a purpose for one of our missionaries

2007 Mexico Dinner: a killer burrito feast for a great cause

2007 Busy Courtyard: shots from last Sunday morning

2007 College Freshman Kidnapping: an annual event where the college leadership rousts the graduating seniors/incoming freshmen out of their beds for breakfast on a Monday morning
Tell me what you think. . . isn't it fun? All part of celebrating and valuing our life together


Josh Mock said...

The best part about Flickr is that there are countless ways to integrate slide shows and photo banners onto your own site using your pictures. You might consider looking into that for the site.

GoWoCo said...

AWesome Tim...I think with the photos and the blog, it's really bringing Grace together as a family.

"Bonhoffer-dude" would be saying, "Righteous bro! Truly righteous!"