Monday, June 11, 2007

letting go


Eden took this picture of Sage Sunday afternoon. Isn't it great? Do you know where this is? (That's an easy one, isn't it?)

In preparation for Sunday, I'm thinking about the nature of faith. Doesn't trusting God sometimes involve letting go and jumping?


Cathi Hamen said...

Hey Theule Family!
Wow your kids are so beautiful handsome and grown up!
You all look soo happy in SLO!
Take Care, Cathi, Jeff & the girls

allen peek said...

Sweet picture Pastor Tim! She looks like she is at least 6 feet in the air - what a risk...

In Christ, there are so many risks I pass up because of my lack of faith. I want to thank you and Grace Church for pushing me any my family to trust Jesus more to leap out and take some risks.

I think I'll put the picture as the background on my desktop as a reminder.

lindsey said...

throop park - 10 points for me!