Monday, June 18, 2007

Grace Folks in the News: 06.17.07 edition

Did you see these Grace folks in the news this weekend?

Kari Appleton was featured in a Tribune's Home insert article about Dave O'Brien's Forest Garden Center in Arroyo Grande. . . | 06/15/2007 | Design notebook: nursery helps bridge interiors with exteriors

Michael Leece was mentioned in a Tribune front page article about local high school graduations. Michael was the Valedictorian this year at San Luis Obispo High School. Congrats, Michael. I had no idea. | 06/16/2007 | Graduation Elation

I also noticed pics of several of our Grace young people in a pictorial spread about local little league in Friday's edition of the SLO City News. Let's see, I think I saw Sam Secord, Matthew Mundorf and Conner Trett. Was there somebody else, too? I can't remember.

I would post these pics, but the SLO City News does not yet have any online presence.

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Missy Grant said...

Hey tim - did you also see the great piece written by Collette Joyce in the Trib on Marriage. They printed a huge viewpoint article by her. If you missed it - definitely go back and tag it with a link. It was really well written.