Thursday, June 14, 2007

introducing "Life Together Conversations"

Did you know that Pastor Steve and I sit down each week and produce a 25-40 minute audio training resource for our Growth Group leaders? We talk about the text, the message and quickly walk through all the Growth Group questions. Each week that resource is posted on a certain place on our website (Can you find it?) and a weekly email is sent to the leaders introducing the message text and letting them know that the training audio is available.

I started doing this before P. Steve was even called to Grace, so when he got here and started overseeing our Growth Group ministry, it was natural for him to jump in. Hopefully it's useful for our leaders. But even if its not, it's been a bunch of fun for us.

So. . . .

With Growth Groups on break for the summer, we've decided to take this whole idea of an audio training resource, put a twist on it and make it available to the congregation and to the world. For now we're going to call this new resource "Life Together Conversations."

Like this life together blog, the purpose of "Conversations" is to enable us to deal with a variety of relevant topics that relate to our life together in a casual and informal manner.

Here at Grace, we believe strongly in the special place of preaching in the church, but we also believe that there is much that needs to be and should be discussed and communicated that cannot be effectively communicated in a sermon. "Life Together Conversations" is for some of that other stuff.

We'll talk about the way we do ministry here at Grace and why, things we're thinking about, books and articles and blogs we're reading, values and ideas we're passionate about, stuff going on in the church family and our families. Our plan is to involve others on our staff and perhaps some outside guests.

Beginning next week, we'll post our newest "Life Together Conversation" both on our website and on a new Life Together Conversations podcast that will be available through iTunes. We hope you'll enjoy listening on your drive to work, or while you're exercising or while you're sitting around the house. And we hope you'll tell us what you think.

Our first Life Together Conversation will focus on Family Ministry: why we're committed to it, what we believe about it and what we're doing about it. We want to tell you all about our upcoming Grace Summer Nights and why we're so excited about these evenings of fun, food, family and fellowship.

We've got lots of other topics in the pipeline, but we'd love to hear your ideas. Anything you'd like us to cover?

Do you think this might be a helpful and valuable resource for you and others at Grace?


andy gibson said...

Biblical Parenting and Discipline.

erik ernstrom said...

I think you should also make a few copies on CD, and have them available in the courtyard. Otherwise, there is a segment of our congregation that will never hear about these, let alone have the technology to listen to them.

If you were to mention from the pulpit (or in the bulletin) what you are doing and why, I think you would have a group of people take advantage of the simplicity of picking up a CD and popping it into their player.

Phillip Moses said...

Sweet. I think this is a great idea, and I also think CD"s are the way to go. I just don't have my technology set-up for me to be able to listen to a podcast easily in my car... but if a CD was available, I'd drop it in each week.

By the way, I did notice the missing G3 leader post on Caleb (just so you know someone's listening).

lindsey said...

how to find the balance between family, friends, work, church.... life. maybe some insight on how you guys do it.

Brian Wong said...

Suhweet! My pastor has a podcast outside of the "standard Sunday sermon" podcast. You're the only pastor I know who does something like this. Way to go! Shall we call you guys Mark and Mike?

I'm stoked. What's the link so I can add it to iTunes?

Brian Wong said...

BTW, would you be terribly disappointed if I posted the link for the G3 audio?

Pastor Tim Theule said...

No problem to put "Conversations" on CD. Consider it done. Good feedback and suggestions so far.

Brian. . . we're so open source around here. . . go ahead and post the link if the Spirit leads. . .

Brian Wong said...

You've got it.
Here it is.

Suzette said...

One week last year when I was looking for the sermon and it was not posted yet I stumbled on this and it was really a funny one. I laughed so hard when PT said to husbands that if their wives were scheduling too many things and it was interfering with family devotions that husband's should "put their foot down".

Look on the main Grace web site under the title of SERVING, go down to MINISTRY AREA and then go down to GROWTH GROUP RESOURCES. listen to May 14, 2006 Children of Grace. They didn't think anyone was listening and it was hilarious.