Tuesday, June 12, 2007

3 more blogs discovered

Three more blogs came my way. . . .I'll add them to the list in the right column.

Chris Emyln (Vaughn): http://aetc.blogspot.com/

Chris is the 22 year old son of Chris and Helen Vaughn, who attend Grace. Chris will be graduating from medical school in Wisconsin next May at the ripe old age of 23! (How'd he do that?) Chris attends Grace when he's back on the Central Coast. He writes about his interesting experiences at the hospital. Check it out.

Becky Hawkins: http://sugarpluminvitations.blogspot.com/

Looks like Becky has started her own invitaitons business called Sugar Plum Invitations. Her blog, which she calls "She Walks in Beauty" has a great style and look. Check it out and support her business. Becky, have you given up your other job as a dental hygienist?

Moses: http://musicmomie.blogspot.com/


Becky said...

Hi Pastor Tim- I'm not working full time as a dental hygienist, but still fill in from time to time. I'm transitioning to letterpress printing at home to prepare for our upcoming adoption. Love your recent family pictures:-) Hope you're flossing! b

GoWoCo said...

Men don't like using words...typically.