Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"LT Conversation: Family Ministry" now available

Our very first "Life Together Conversation" is now available HERE. You can also listen right now. . .

This first conversation focused on Family Ministry. . . what it means, why it matters and why we're committed to it.

The above is a picture of Steve and me commemorating our kickoff Conversation. You can see we're getting juiced up. We're snuggling up so that we can both lean over into that iPod. Pretty low tech at this point, but it works for now. Our vision is to step up the technology and the quality as we go along this summer.

We'll let you know when this Conversation is available in iTunes. If you go to the Conversations page at the website, you'll also have access to other resources related to or referenced in the conversation.

Give it a listen and give us some feedback. We'd love to hear your raw reactions and suggestions? Is this valuable for the family of Grace? What are your suggestions for speaking to a potential audience beyond Grace?

1 comment:

lindsey said...

loved this! it was so confirming to me that family is what is most important, and i love that grace supports that and is continually striving to improve ways to encourage family time even more. i look forward to the next conversation!
-lindsey cheney