Monday, June 06, 2005

2005 Annual Meeting Audio now posted

Audio of the 2005 Annual Meeting is now posted at

I have lots I want to post, but no time to do it right now.

Things on my mind include. . .

• Sunday Sermon Thoughts: some additional thoughts about Jesus, the Pharisees and us.

• Lord of Rest, part 4 or so: Why Sunday and not Saturday?

• Update on Pew Bibles & Hymnals: Decisions have been made by the Elders!

• Humble Apologetics: Some thoughts from this book I have been reading.

• Heavenly Man: Some thoughts from this book about the church in China that I have been reading.

• What's happening with Growth Groups this summer and next fall?

• Three Services: some thoughts and some questions for you

And lots, lots more. . .

Oh well. Each day has enough trouble of its own. If the Lord wills, we will go there and post here.

Hope you are living by faith in our Lord Jesus today!


Brian Wong said...

Looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts regarding the above topics.

Andy Gibson said...

Don't leave us hanging Tim.... :)