Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pastor Bryan Stupar enters the Blogosphere!

UPDATE: Fixed the broken link to Bryan's Blog. Thanks Tom!

I had such an encouraging time at coffee this morning with Bryan Stupar, the senior pastor at CalvarySLO. I always come away encouraged and challenged when I spend time with Bryan. I think those are the marks of a true friend. We are fellow-laborers in the Lord's field! I jokingly call Bryan the "hip pastor" here in SLO. (I am so not hip compared to Bryan!)

I was telling Bryan about my blogging and challenged him to start his own blog. My vision is to see a whole swarm of pastors blogging here on the Central Coast. It looks like he's taken up the challenge. One down, 100+ to go!

So do me a favor, and click over to Bryan's blog at and leave him an encouraging and welcoming comment. Tell him I sent you!

I have added Bryan's blog to my blogroll on the right.

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