Friday, June 10, 2005

Sunday Preview: Matthew 12:38-50

Sometimes I look back on our worship and message, but this week, I thought it might be valuable for us to look forward.

Read and meditate on the text, Matthew 12:38-50. Reading the book of Jonah and I Kings 10 would also be valuable. Then review and think in advance about our outline.

A saving relationship with Jesus Christ gives us. . . . .


1. The Pharisees understood the Bible as a book of rules they must
and could keep to earn God’s salvation and blessing.

2. Those who trust Jesus understand the Bible as a book all about
salvation by grace through Jesus, why we need Him, who He is,
what He did, how He saves, and what that means.


1. The Pharisees refused to repent when they met Jesus and his
numerous signs and miracles. They refused to turn from sin and self
to Jesus.

2. Those who trust Jesus are driven to repentance, they see
themselves as more sinful than they ever before imagined, but more
loved than they ever dared hope. In brokenness, they turn from
themselves and their sin toward Jesus.


1. The Pharisees believed they themselves were wise and they could
not see the wisdom of God in the person and work of Jesus. They
were repulsed by Him instead of attracted to Him.

2. Those who trust Jesus become like the Queen of the South. They
are willing to do anything and go anywhere for the chance to sit at
the feet of Jesus and learn from Him, the greater Solomon.


1. The Pharisees refused to bow to the authority of Jesus. They were
obsessed with right moral living, but insisted on leading self-directed

2. Those who trust Jesus bow to the Sovereign Lordship of Jesus, who
in time, brings transformation from the inside out.


1. The Pharisees thought they were in the family of God because of
their pedigree and their obedience, but they were really out of the
family because of their refusal to repent and trust Jesus.

2. Those who trust Jesus “do” the will of God the Father, and therefore
come into an entirely new family relationship with Jesus. Ongoing
obedience is the “fruit” of that “family connection” with Jesus.

It's a communion Sunday and it's never to early to start examining and preparing yourself. I'm looking forward to our sweet time TOGETHER. See you then!

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Vivian Wheeler said...

I see you had trouble sleeping also, posting in the wee hours of the morning.

Thank you for reinforcing the truth of the Lordship of Christ in my life. I often get caught up in doing things that are correct or seem to be the right thing to do by human standards but Jesus calls me to a higher authority....His.

It always amazes me how my children can remind me of how I am to live under the Lordship of Christ. I will often ask them to do a chore and they do something else that is a right and good thing to do but not the chore I specifically requested them to do. This reminds me that even tho I may be doing good and right things for God if they are not what He has asked or instructed me to do I am not bowing to His authority in my life.

Have a great day following Jesus!!