Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Podcasting, Part 2

Ok, so there are few, if any, of you out there listening to Podcasts, but let me offer a step by step process for you, just in case you happen to be interested, but don't know how to get started. Whether or not you take your audio on the road using an mp3 player, this should work for you if you use iTunes. Remember what this all about. . . .this is a way for you to subscribe to GraceSLO sermons (and other podcasts) rather than have to download them every week. It's a "push" model, instead of a "pull" model.

Step #1: Find a free podasting aggregator software application (Doppler and ipodder are two of the most popular.)

Step #2: Go to "Add a Podcast" and enter the GraceSLO Podcast web address: Add any other podcast feeds that you want.

Step #3: Sync up your mp3 player OR go to iTunes and search for your new MP3 files. Each time you sync with your aggregator software, it will automatically download the latest MP3 podcast to your iTunes or player. Listen and enjoy.

Here's an article which gives a general introduction to podcasting. . . .

Playlist: Podcasting: Hear What the Buzz Is About

Let me know how it goes. . . .

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