Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Recommendation: Mars Hill Audio Journal

We are what we read and what we listen to. One of the very best learning resources that I "intake" is called the Mars Hill Audio Journal ( The Journal is a bimonthly audio magazine which focusses on the interface and integration between Christ and contemporary culture. Each volume features 10 - 15 minute interviews with a wide variety of authors, scholars and thinkers. The Journal ALWAYS makes me think, synthesize and reflect. It also regularly adds to my "books I will read" list. (Long list!) I can't wait for the CD to come every other month. I usually rip the CD's and put the tracks on my iPod and then listen while I'm riding my bike up San Luis Mountain or hiking Bishop's Peak.

Is anyone else familiar with the Mars Hill Audio Journal?

I just received Volume 73 in the mail. A few years back, I boldly purchased all back issues and now have the complete set. I have decided that I am going to donate my complete collection of Mars Hill Audio Journal to the Grace Church Library, so that others here at Grace can enjoy them as much as I have. It will probably take a few weeks for the "library ladies" to get them on the shelf, but check them out when you have a chance.

What do you think of their awesome introduction?

MARS HILL AUDIO exists to assist Christians who desire to move from thoughtless consumption of modern culture to a vantage point of thoughtful engagement.

We believe that fulfilling the commands to love God and neighbor requires that we pay careful attention to the neighborhood: that is, every sphere of human life where God is either glorified or despised, where neighbors are either edified or undermined. Therefore, living as disciples of Christ pertains not just to prayer, evangelism, and Bible study, but also our enjoyment of literature and music, our use of tools and machines, our eating and drinking, our views on government and economics, and so on.

We endeavor to encourage the sensibilities and habits of thoughtful cultural engagement through creative audio resources that we produce at our studio in rural central Virginia. Our primary resource is a bimonthly series of audio programs called the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal. Each program is ninety minutes long, consisting of ten- to fifteen-minute interviews with a variety of guests on a broad array of topics. The MARS HILL AUDIO Journal is currently available on cassette tape for $36 per year, or on CD for $48 per year.

Really, what do you think of that?

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Kevin Heldt said...

Pastor Tim, that sounds very interesting (and no, I hadn't heard of it). And that's great that you're going to make it available through the library. I'll be sure to check it out. Now if only I could find a good time to listen to it -- oh wait, how about my 3 hours of commute time each day?...