Monday, June 13, 2005

Reflections on Sunday, 6/12/05

• Sundays' message on Matthew 12:38-50 was a full helping of truth, wasn't it? I looked hard for a way to trim it down a bit, but just couldn't find a way. One of the big questions I always ask when I approach a text is "Why is this here?" I thought that was an even more important question with this particulur text where it wasn't immediately apparent how the three sections fit together. Sometimes you have to "sit" in that question a while. I think its been valuable to take a little larger piece of text each week as we have been doing, because it forces us to ask this question and look at the larger context. Its been a great challenge and delight for me personally. Message will be posted on the website and podcast by early tomorrow for those of you who missed it.

• Communion was, as always, sweet. Seeing and savoring Jesus at the table. I am so glad we partake together once a month in our Sunday morning services. (Do you know how rare this is becoming? More and more, communion is being relegated to midweek services in many churches. Not intended as a criticism, just an observation :))

• I expected a lighter Sunday, with Cal Poly out for the year, but we sure looked pretty full to me. Also, I met at least 5 new families on Sunday. How many did you meet? Who are all these people and where are they coming from? Will they stick around? How do we help them find places to connect and serve. I don't know all the answers, but I do know we've got to work at it together. We've got to continue to lift up our heads and keep reaching out to new folks and faces. Make it your goal to meet at least one new family or individual each Sunday.

What were your thoughts/reflections from Sunday?


Anonymous said...

Pastor Tim, I think that referring to the sad state of affairs in other churches at large is a very different thing -- no criticism taken. And I agree that Communion is far too important to "relegate" anywhere.

Nice to know you're thinking of me though. :)

PS -- Did you ever see my clarification in that other thread?

SLO Classical Academy said...
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Pastor Tim Theule said...

Yes, but please come out hiding. . .

Anonymous said...

Come out hiding? Or come out of hiding? I'm doing the former pretty well, I thought. :)