Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New iTunes 4.9 with built in Podcasting!

I know that I'm not the only one whose interested in this podcasting thing. I know of at least two others here at Grace. But maybe that will change today. (And maybe it won't!)

Apple just released iTunes 4.9 (which has podcasting (really podcatching) capabiilities built righ in. What this means is that you now you can access and subscribe to a growing list of 3000 podcasts using the podcast button in the iTunes interface. The latest version of iTunes is a FREE download available for Windows and the Mac.

So, I just downloaded the new iTunes, went to the podcast area and punched "Grace Church, San Luis Obispo" into the search field on the left side and BINGO!. . . . the Grace Church Sermon Podcast, entitled "Living the Gospel," popped right up! How cool is that?!

If you are still lost on this whole podcasting thing, maybe Apple can explain it better than I can. Here's a page that explains the coolness of podcasting . . . Apple - iTunes - Podcasting

Have fun and let me know how if you find and subscribe to the Grace Podcast, "Living the Gospel." Let me know what other valuable and interesting podcasts you discover!

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Chumbake said...

There may only be two others interested in the podcasting at Grace right now, but after July 16th there will be THREE. Ashley and I will be moving back to SLO and I can't wait to talk to you about Apple stuff.


I gotta go to iTunes add Grace to my list.