Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Lord of Rest, take 3

Here's the Marva Dawn book I recommended at the tail end of Sunday's sermon. . . .

Keeping the Sabbath Wholly: Ceasing, Resting, Embracing, Feasting

Doesn't the cover alone make you want to read it?

Has anyone else read Marva Dawn? What have you read? I have enjoyed much of what I've sampled. I think she would make an excellent Women's Conference speaker here at Grace. Anyone listening?


Vivian Wheeler said...

Yes, I am listening and yes, the cover makes me want to read it. I am ordering the book as soon as I finish writing this response. The ladies retreat is a great idea.

Thank you for your insight and wisdom that you share not only in your sermons but also in this blog page.

I enjoy listening to your sermons on line and look forward to 4 weeks from now when I get to move down to San Luis Obispo and become a physical part of the body at Grace.

The internet ministry of Grace church is awesome. It has filled a need for connection in our family as half of us are down there attending Grace and the other half of us are still up in Washington. I am able to discuss sermons with my husband and son after I listen to them via the internet. The blog has helped me to get to know not only you Tim, but also members of the congregation that comment on a regular basis.

Thank you for your commitment to preaching the truth. See ya in 4 weeks.

Vivian Wheeler

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm listening. Thank you for the suggestion.