Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thoughts on Family Worship, Part 3

How about some weekend reading on this issue of Family Worship? While we continue to dialogue on this issue, let me keep you going thinking about it. . . .

1. Children & Congregational Worship: This is an article written by my good friend, David Hegg, who was last year's Family Conference speaker. David has thought alot about this issue, and I like his balanced and practical approach. David's article is available on the Grace website at

2. Bethlehem Baptist/John Piper Resources: It's easy for me to get "under the pile" when I look at some of the great materials John Piper and his team at Bethlehem Baptist have put together. I must remind myself that he's been at it there at Bethlehem for over 20 years. It takes time to develop this ministry philosophy stuff. Anyway they have put some excellent materials together on this issue of Family Worship. Check them out at

Here are a couple that I think are especially valuable. . . .


Suggestions for Helping Your Child Worship

Intergenerational teaching: Is it a nuisance or a blessing?

The Family: Together in God's Presence

I don't want to overwhelm you, so I'll stop there. Next week, I'll talk about Family Worship and 3 services and a few other issues.

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