Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day Ramblings

• We had 13 in our home all weekend. Amy & Steve, Susie's sister and brother-in-law, and their four kids, plus Bestefar and Bestemor (Norwegian for g'pa & g'ma). Crazy but fun. We went boating at Naciimiento on Friday, bikeriding and swimming on Saturday and to the park for a BBQ on Father's Day. The cousins have a great time together.

• The reality of working on most holiday weekends hit me this weekend. Part of the gig.

• Mexico send-off is always encouraging to the body. Be praying for those 130 folks who are celebrating, proclaiming and living the gospel beyond the Central Coast this week.

• Child dedications are always a joy. We dedicated 6 on Sunday. Encourage them when you have the opportunity.

• Parables in Matthew 13 are fun. They invite us to think and help us to remember. We jumped into the Parable of the Soils this week.

• If you were out of town, we missed you. Hope you had a great weekend with your loved ones.

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DJ Daddy O said...

Pastor.. great site! Boy do I miss SLO (I lived in Paso Robles & studies in SLO many years ago)