Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Source & Mission's Blogs coming Alive!

I'm pleased to see the Grace College blog, The Source, coming alive again as Pastor Steve finds his feet and jumps in.

Also, Tom Phillips, the new Grace Mission's Board chairman, is resurrecting the GraceSLO Mission's Blog. His post today is an invite to a DWAP or Dessert with a Purpose where you can meet Mike Grainger and hear what God is doing in and through his ministry with the Navigators in the Ivory Coast. (Maybe that should be DWAM: Dessert with a Missionary)

Check 'em out!


passthebread said...

I tagged you for a book meme..
see 21st Century Reformation


PS I am going to pick your site for info on podcasting this weekend if I get time..I post my sermons but would like to learn more about podcasting ...

Brian Wong said...

Glad to hear things are revving up again in those arenas. Now all we need is for Pastor Steve to add a site feed and a podcast of his sermons to the site, and we're set.